1. Service Locations
    • expose List Program Types endpoint for service_location


  1. Service Locations
    • expose Get Department endpoint for service_location
    • expose List Departments endpoint for service_location


  1. Cases


  1. Cases


  1. Cases


  1. Assets


  1. Estimates


  1. Estimates
    • Implemented creating and updating items
    • Implemented creating and removing parts
  2. Bug fixes
    • Return 201 on note create.
    • Return 404’s for all not found resources
    • Return a 422 response for malformed file uploads.


  1. Notifications
    • Endpoints can be enabled/disabed outside of modifying event registrations.
    • Add 30 minute processing statistics for endpoints in the Case UI.
    • Endpoints can be tested manually from the admin UI in Case.
  2. Cases
    • Added assetCheckInTime to case resource
  3. Bug fixes


  1. Assets


  1. Assets
    • Remove /assets/search in favor of /assets
  2. Notifications
    • Added timestamp to notification message body
    • Added retry for failed notifications
    • Added failure email when retry limit is reached
    • Fixed issue involving ‘update’ notification being sent on create.
  3. Performance improvements and bug fixes


  1. Service Locations
  2. Notifications
    • Improve issue of duplicate notifications when creating cases.


  1. Cases
    • Add Driver Name and Driver Phone to case request/response
    • Add writable custom complaints on case create/update
  2. Notifications
    • Improve issue of duplicate notifications.


  1. Profiles
    • Enable dealer group management profiles to receive notifications for group members.
  2. Cases
    • Fixed structure of custom complaints in case response.
  3. Errors
    • Added validation feedback on 400 - Bad Request responses.


  1. Service Locations
    • Create cases for service locations in a group
  2. Cases
    • Add appointment times to case request and response.
    • Add multiple complaints to case response.
    • Add closed to case response.
    • Add open and close actions.
    • Make cases created by service locations immediately visible on fleet dashboard.


  1. Cases
    • Added customerURL to the case response


  1. Customers
    • Added the /customers endpoint
    • Added the ability to filter and sort the results of the /customers endpoint
  2. Attachments
    • Fixed an issue preventing filename overrides
  3. Profile
    • Fixed an issue preventing the lookup of available users


  1. Attachments
    • Added ability to create attachments.
  2. Customers
    • Added ability to lookup customers by id
  3. Notes
    • Added default sender and recipient


  1. Cases
    • Redesigned XML schema.
    • Update cases.
  2. Assets
    • Search by VIN, unit number or serial number.
    • Lookup by id.
  3. Notes
    • Fixed bug where public flag was always false for notes created through the API.
  4. Status Lookups
    • Case statuses can now be looked up for existing cases.
  5. Assignee Lookup
    • Assignees can now be looked up for existing cases.


  1. Case
    • Read-only lookup of senders and recipients eligible for note creation.
  2. Notes
    • Create API


  1. Attachments
    • Read-only API
    • Callbacks
  2. Case
    • Read-only API
    • Callbacks
  3. Notification message
    • Consolidated into a single message specifying the event type, the resource type that generated the event, and other helpful fields.
  4. Schema updates for naming consistency


  1. Note created/update callbacks are available for testing.
    • Configuration must be set up for them to be issued.
    • Only HTTP Basic authentication is supported for this release. Token based OAuth will follow in the next release.
  2. Initial management UI is available for API profiles.
    • Visibility of credentials
    • Callback endpoint creation and management
  3. Notes response extended to include case href.


  1. Read only notes are implemented and available for testing. See Notes.
    • Sender and Recipient href tags are not implemented with data as the endpoint is not yet present.
    • The identifiers being returned for notes/cases/users are temporary and will be replaced in subsequent releases. Though the identifiers will change the structure of the URLs should remain consistent.


  1. Authentication test endpoint is implemented and available for testing. See Authentication.