The API is now versioned at both an application and resource level to accommodate compatibility as it continues to grow and mature. As the API expands over time resource versions will increment at a higher rate than application versions.

It is recommended that API consumers implementations request explicit application and resource versions as it prevents accidental interface breakage as new versions are released.

Application version specification

Primary API version is determined by the Accept-Version request header. Requests without this header will be treated as version 0.0.7 requests.

The latest API application version is 1.

Resource version specification

Resource version and serialization format is determined by the Accept header.

Currently, version one supports the following Accept header values:

  • */* - defaults to application/xml
  • application/xml - requests the most recent resource version available
  • application/xml; version=0.1 - requests the resource at version 0.1
  • text=xml;version=0.3-beta - requests the beta resource which gives no guarantees to schema validation. Should be paired with Accept-Version: 1


Below is an example raw HTTP request that include both application and resource version information:

GET /platform_api/estimates HTTP/1.1
Accept-Version: 1
Accept: application/xml; version=0.1
Authorization: Bearer {token)
Connection: close