Service Locations

Service locations are business entities that perform work on assets.

Create a case for an service location

Create a case for a service location in your group.

POST /service_locations/{id}/cases

Request Attributes

Name Value
assetArrived The time at which the asset arrived at the service location.
assetCheckInTime The time at which the asset was checked in at the service location.
assetIdentifier:id The Decisiv Asset Id.
assetInformation:mileage The mileage of the asset when the case is created.
assetInformation:trailer:loaded The status of the trailer.
assetInformation:trailer:unitNumber The unit number of the trailer attached to the asset.
atr Actual time of repair.
authNumber Authorization Number.
breakdown:city The current location city of the asset.
breakdown:driverName The driver’s name.
breakdown:driverPhone The driver’s phone number.
breakdown:location The current location of the asset.
breakdown:state The current location state of the asset.
cause The description of the cause for the case.
complaint The description of the complaint.
confirmedAppointmentTime Confirmed appointment time.
coreTotal The total cost for Core parts.
correction The description of the resolution for the case.
customComplaintCodes:code A set of custom complaint codes (must be defined through Professional Services before use).
customerRequestedAppointmentTime The customer’s preferred appointment time.
customerRequestedCompletionTime The customer’s preferred completion time.
downtime The time at which the asset was not operational.
etr Estimated time of repair.
followupTime The time by which the customer needs to be contacted.
freight The cost for Freight.
hazWaste The cost for Hazardous Waste.
invoiceAmount Invoice total.
invoiceDate Invoice Date.
invoiceNumber Invoice number.
laborTotal The total cost for Labor.
partsTotal The total cost for Parts.
poNumber Purchase order number.
primaryContact:name The full name of the primary contact.
primaryContact:phone The phone number of the primary contact.
primaryContact:relation The relation of the primary contact.
roNumber Repair order number.
serviceLocationSuggestedAppointmentTime Service location’s preferred appointment time.
severity A decimal value indicating the severity of the estimate.
shopSupplies The cost of the Shop Supplies.
status:name Current status of the case.
tagNumber Tag number for the asset on the lot.
tax The amount of tax charged.
total The accumulated total.
uptime The time at which the asset was operational.
vmrs:code14 Reason for repair.
vmrs:code15 Work Accomplished.
vmrs:code16 Repair priority.
vmrs:code17 Repair site.
vmrs:code82 Operator Report.
vmrs:complaintCode33 Component code for the complaint.
vmrs:complaintCode79 Position code for the complaint.
vmrs:correctionCode33 Component code for the correction.
vmrs:correctionCode79 Position code for the correction.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<case xmlns="" xmlns:ct="" xmlns:g="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">
        <ct:driverName>Driver Name</ct:driverName>


A single case response.

List departments for a service location

GET /service_locations/{id}/departments


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<departments xmlns=""
    <department xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xs="" xmlns:d="" xmlns="">
    <department xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xs="" xmlns:d="" xmlns="">

Get a single department by code

GET /service_locations/{id}/departments/{code}


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<department xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xs="" xmlns:d="" xmlns="">

List program types for a service location

GET /service_locations/{id}/program_types


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<programTypes xmlns=""
    <programType xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xs="" xmlns:pt="" xmlns="">
    <programType xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xs="" xmlns:pt="" xmlns="">